Danny McCarty

Danny McCarty is an award winning director/producer/composer who also happens to  be a photographer. He started off as a military photographer and went on to earn a BA in photography. Upon graduation he moved to Northern California to work as a commercial photographer for a number of years. Bored with commercial work Danny went on to build a career in multi-media. Finishing up that career in the Bay Area he moved to Hood River, Oregon to find a new path. That path led him back to photography. Free from commercial restraints he now  spends his time in pursuit of the perfect landscape or images that work in any number of projects he’s working on. His current projects include “Fear…Less.” A visual representation of removing fear and intimidation in our lives. “By Another Name”, a series of locations that were named by European settlers and explorers who seemed to not notice, or care, that these locations already had names. Danny uses many tools available within the photographic palate; film, digital color, digital infrared. Along with photography Danny spent the last few years perfecting the fine art of printing. Using the best archival papers, inks, and printers available he now offers his prints for sale. 

The series collections


Fear, one of our most damaging emotions. It's what holds us back from being our true selves. How do you visualize an emotion? I chose the use of fabric as the visual metaphor to express the real work of escape and empowerment. 


Sand, Skin, Stone


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